Zone Comfort Systems

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It's unrealistic to expect one thermostat to provide equal comfort for the various areas of your home. The size, insulation, sun exposure, electronics and appliances that give off heat, number and size of windows and doors are just a few of the contributors to the variation in temperature. In addition to discomfort among people in the house, the unevenness can cause higher heating and cooling costs from hitting everything at once instead of just where you need it.

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Zoning divides up the areas of your home and gives each one its own temperature control system. Utilizing dampers in the air ducts that coordinate to the settings of all the thermostats, Zoning helps conserve energy by not cooling areas of the house that are unoccupied or that don't require it.

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Zone control also allows you to compensate for uneven temperatures throughout the house to make sure that you, your family, and your pets stay comfortable through any season, all while saving money and energy!

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With a zone control system and setback thermostats you can manage what areas of your house you'd like to keep climate controlled. Setback thermostats are programmable thermostats that can automatically start warming up or cooling down a specific part of the house at a time of your choosing. This means coming home from work to your living room already cooled, or waking up with your kitchen nice and toasty.

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