Smart Thermostats

What are they?

Most smart thermostats today are remotely accessible via computer, phone, and tablet. They feature easy to set automatic on/off timing programmability, they adjust for ambient conditions like relative humidity, deliver real-time visualization of heating and cooling costs, allowing you to save money or set the temperature lower when you leave the office so it's cool when you get home. Some can even remind you when it's time to change filters or alert you if the power is out.

pictured: Nest iOS UI


By 'learning' how quickly or slowly your system heats and cools, smart thermostats can utilize the learned efficiency data to maintain indoor temperature with the least energy usage. Brands like Nest claim to save an average of %20 on heating and cooling bills.

Commercial Applications

Select thermostats like Ecobee's EMS allows realtime monitoring, extended temperature sensing, outage alerts, humidity control and remote adjustment of walk-in freezers and other cold storages via computer, phone, and tablet interfaces.

What are my options?

Anything you want! If you have a specific brand in mind, we can get it and install it. If you're unsure of what is best for you, we can make recommendations based on budget and features needed. If you've tried to DIY and found it more difficult than expected, we can swoop in and get it finished.